Brutalism in Web Design

Mariendom Velbert Neviges by Boehm


You want a non boring NEW website?

That hurts the eyes of visitors?

That clearly stands out of the crowd?

Then read on…

I’ll show you something, that will let you forget all the SEO & Usability blabla.
Mindfucking, awesome, rude, brutal as concrete.

When it comes to brutalism, you’ll definitely know it when you see it. This is not a subtle design technique. But part of the reason it might appeal to some it because it is stark; it often mimics code visualization with a dark background, monospaced typography and white and lime green text.

Afterwards you might have an understanding, why Snapchat is so successful with the opposite of what most mediocre web designers and web developers are preaching every day.

The most comprehensive collection of brutalist website design

Brutalist Websites
Collection of brutalist websites

You will be highly visible and successful

But you need something, which you do not find in the frozen layers of the corporate world: eggs.
Because your navigation is not made for stupid visitors, the content not made for idiots. The whole thing looks dangerous, new, risky.

The target group is as thin as razer-blade – but they are the ones who lead the pack.
So do not worry about the cowards and idiots, they will soon follow their better brothers & sisters.

Let’s have a look into the laboratory of the next big thing of the web avantgarde, which will be mainstream business style in 5-10 years.

And the best thing is: brutalism converts as hell!

to be continued…

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